infrequence (infrequence) wrote,

samson and delilah

I just finished cleaning out my closet. Not metaphorically although I did find that the nature of the way I completed this task was almost entirely representative of how my "deprecated" character has been developing. Especially considering a myriad of events that have taken place, it was interesting to me how offhandedly I could part ways with a bunch of old things I've been hoarding for pretty much the duration of my life.

At the floor of my closet I found a dress that fell off its hanger so that was pleasing. I also came across a tape with "classical jukebox," which was my juvenile free music, on it. Optimistically, it will come in handy soon but I wish my bazooms were a bit smaller / nonexistent. That would make things a lot more uncomplicated. I didn't really find anything else of interest however I made a lot of room which with any luck, I will be utilizing in the near future when I repaint my room!
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